Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guardian Angels

Thursday June 14, 2012 - We are back at primary's today and everything is looking good.  No fevers thus far. The IV fluids are pumping and hopefully we will start so we can go home soon.   Jake is sleeping right now because he had some nausea and they have started his nausea medications. 

Last week in church this man got up and told a story of a girl that had been in here having chemo.  She had been really sick and in the process of getting better.  She started talking to her Father and asked him who was the man standing next to him?  He told her there wasn't anyone standing next to him.  She started to describe the man she saw to her Father.  Then her Father realized that his daughter has just described in detail his Father whom she had never met here on the earth and she went on describing her great aunt and others in detail.  I find this comforting, as I have felt the Savior near us in this trial to know that He hasn't left us to deal with this alone.  I'm sure that Jake has guardian angels watching over him and comforting him as well.  Another of Heavenly Father's tender mercies!  I am sure that He gave us angels that have done secret acts of service for us well. 

I am praying this infusion goes fast and we are able to go home quickly. 

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