Thursday, September 27, 2012

Infusion begins once again...

Thursday - September 27, 2012Jake and I are back at primary's for the new chemo infusion.  It is called Etoposide. This one can cause leukemia.  It has the same side affects as the other one he has had. The other chemo is Ifosfamide. It also can increase the chances for leukemia and lymphoma and thyroid cancer.   It makes me nervous but the risk of his osteosarcoma coming back somewhere else out weights the other cancer.  So we press forward with faith that Heavenly Father will watch over Jake.

We went to Dr. Scott's on Tuesday the 25th and had Jakes stitches removed and received the go ahead to get an appointment with the prosthetic's.  This is very exciting for Jake as he is sick of walking with crutches and the wheel chair.  After the appointment with Dr. Scott we left for primary children's.  

He had his first infusion on Tuesday at midnight. They gave him lots of nausea meds so he pretty much slept through the night and the next day.   Last night they gave him the next infusion at 11:30 it went pretty much like the night before.  However today the 27th,  he is sitting up with his nausea pretty much in control waiting to get his next chemo infusion.  The Drs will push the infusion forward 2 hours because he is tolerating the infusion with anti-meds controlling the nausea.  Hopefully this won't cause his nausea to get worse.  If they can push it forward for the next 3 infusions we will be able to leave a few hours earlier.  

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kindness shown to our family.   The kindness has touched our hearts and lifted our spirits.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Silent Auction and Dinner 

 SATURDAY - October 20, 2012


Smithfield Lion's Lodge
102 N 380 E
Smithfield, UT 84335

We are seeking help with obtaining donations for the auction.
 Jake's profile sheet (to give to potential donors or vendors) is available to
 download on the top right column.

We are also seeking volunteers to help with the evening.

Donations must be NEW or for a particular SERVICE.  Please no used items.
Please call or text Katie @ (435) 881-8821 or Keri @ (435) 770-8893
to drop off donations, volunteer or for more information.

If you would like to donate, but cannot attend this fundraiser, an account has been set up at American First Credit Union under the name of "Jake Griggs Charitable Account."

Please pass along the word to family and friends!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fundraiser Planning

A fundraiser planning meeting is being held this week for anyone who would like to come and support Jake and the Griggs Family.

                               Date:            September 20, 2012  - Thursday
                          Time:            5pm
                          Location:      Elk Ridge Park Pavilion 
                                              1100 E 2500 N ~ North Logan

Friday, September 7, 2012

Surgery once again.....

Wednesday, Sept 5, 2012 - We are back at the PMC! I'm in the waiting room waiting for Jake to get done with surgery.  Since we have been home from the last visit to the primary children's hospital Jake ANC (absolute neutra fill count, his immune system) has been at a 0.  This means there is little to no healing and because of this he got an infection in his leg.  Dr. Scott wanted to cut out the dead tissue and then stitch it up again.  The surgery is suppose to take about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.  After surgery - a couple hours for recovery - then we will get to go home.  Dr. Scott wants to heal another week before we go back for the next round of chemo.  I have mixed emotions about this.  I am so ready for this to be over, it is so hard to leave my two other kids.  I really wish Jake could have some normalcy in his life. 

A few pictures that are keepsakes

This is a fruit bouquet that I got the night before Jake went to surgery from Lorraine Nielson (my Relief Society President).  It was so yummy but it was really to hard to break it apart because it was so pretty.  We loved it!!!

The Priest (from Jake's ward) were going on high adventure and decided to take the long way around to Idaho through Salt Lake City (90 minutes out of the way!) to see Jake.  These are some of the most amazing Young Men around.  Love their smiles.  I couldn't get the Bishop to look at the camera though ;)  Paul Funk said this was the highlight of the high adventure.  I know that it was for sure a highlight for Jake!  As Jake's Mom, I am indebted to these young men.

This is a picture of the Priests when they went into Jake's room.  I asked them to give me a silly pose and this is what I got. :)  This is post surgery.

Kenna, Jakes sister, just chillin, waiting for Jake to come to his room

Grandma Griggs waiting for Jake to come in after surgery.

Grandpa Griggs waiting for Jake to come in after surgery.