Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Steps!!

December 6, 2012 Thursday -  Jakes takes his first steps in 5 months!  He received his prosthetic today!   He can only wear it a couple minutes each day as he works to become full weight barring.  It's a long awaited wonderful day!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ok'd for Prosthetic!!

November 20, 2012 Tuesday - We are back at Primary's. We came down Tuesday the 13th of November and Jake has terrible mouth sores.  They ended up sending us home with a plan to come back early Monday the 19th and hook him up to an IV as to hydrate him so we could start chemo early to have us home for Thanksgiving. We left home at 6:45am on Monday the 19th and arrived at primary's at 8:45 am. They had him hooked up to their IV by 9:30am, but some where between the 13th and the 19th the plan to get us home on Wednesday fell through and everything went out the door. We were here for 7 hours before they started chemo. He is getting doxorubicin which is two 24 hour infusions and Ifosfamide which is a 3 day infusion for 4 hours each day. He is feeling extremely nauseated and has slept pretty much since we started. After the Ifosfamide he has another med they give him which helps the Ifosfamide leave his system quickly as not to cause as much damage to the kidneys. That infusion is given for 10 hours after the last doses each day.  He won't be done until Wednesday night. We both are anxious to come home!

As far as the prosthetic's go, the last visit with Dr. Scott, which was on the 15th of November he clear Jake to be measured for his prosthetic. So his appointment with Hanger Prosthetics is November 29th.  Hopefully he will get his prosthetic soon as he is sick of using the crutches.

We are very excited about this!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Fundraiser SUCCESS!!

Thanks to ALL who helped to make Jake's Fundraiser a success.  We were truly amazed at the generosity of the community, friends and family.

Just a few of the sponsors to help make this evening happen.  We still have wristbands if your interested!
Gift Cards Galore!!
Wonderful donations!
Jake's Mom, Leisa (Center) and Jake's sister, McKenna (right)

Camp Chef and some beautiful roses for a lucky wife.....

Aren't these items wonderful??
That signed John Elway Football and iFrogz headphones caused quite a stir amongst the gentleman bidders! 

The BEST kitchen help!!!  Nice job!!
Gift Baskets......
and the tables went on and on.....
and on......
and on!!!!

~ A SPECIAL "SHOUT OUT" of THANKS to........... 
Katie, Andy, Katie, McKenzie and Keri~

Saturday, October 20, 2012



The donations continue to come in!!  It's truly amazing.

Please remember this is a fundraiser to support Jake Griggs and his family.    The dinner is part of this fundraiser and we are asking for donations of what you feel you can give.  Any amount is accepted.

We hope to see you there!!

Silent Auction/Dinner Fundraiser for Jake Griggs
October 20, 2012 - Saturday
Smithfield Lion’s Lodge
102 N 380 E
Smithfield, UT

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Donations!

The people, businesses and community of 
Cache Valley are amazing!!!!

~More auction items all gathered in a days work~

CAMP CHEF!!!  Who doesn't need one of these?  I'll be bidding on this baby.
Family Season pass to the American West Heritage Center - $100 value

Wooden carved buck picture


Baby Blankets

We have a wide variety of scentsy gift baskets!

Other items:
Professional colored hair extensions
Callaway's Restaurant Gift Card
2 New End Tables

We are looking for someone who can do face painting at the fundraiser!!  If you know of someone that would like to donate some time and paint some faces please contact:
Katie (435) 881-8821
Mckenzie (435) 232-4353

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Plans are well on there way for the Soup Dinner and Silent Auction on October 20th @ 5pm!

We have soup, salad and rolls for 300 people!!!
(The dinner is by donation and is not free)

Below is just a glimpse of some of the auction Items that have been donated from the community, family and friends.  THINK: Birthdays or Christmas!
4 sets of 2013 season Utah Festival Opera Company tickets - choice of one of the four shows - $98 value each set!  These are all for section C of the Ellen Eccles Theatre.  Don't miss out on this one!  THANK YOU LILA!
3 pairs of tickets to "Christmas from the Ellen Eccles Theatre" performed by American Festival Chorus (Directed by Craig Jessop) with special guests Jenny Oaks Baker and Alexandria Sharpe.   This concert sells out every season!!  Each pair is a $40 value.
Checketts Amusements - One Free inflatable Rental ($200 value) for one day.  May choose from inflatables (bounce houses, bungee run, bounce & slide combos, etc).  Looks like lots of fun!!
Lynn's Audio: Audio Thunder Speaker System for iPod. $100 value
Throw Blanket - USU University Inn & Conference Center
Christmas Pillow and wall decoration
Donated by Darrell's Appliance: Vanilla, Cinnamon and Black Pepper gift box
Donated by Darrell's Appliance: Ultra Star Performance Cleaner!  I hear this stuff rocks!
Doggie Run-a-way Essentials Kit - Donated by Stylin' Pets Boutique & Spa
Dutch Oven cookbook and tools
 Handmade Halloween Pillow and decorative centerpiece
One youth boy and girls jackets - Renegade Sports
Lazy One PJ's for Children and Adults.  Various sizes, this picture is only a sample.

Pampered Chef Gift Basket - $87.50 value
PEARL EARRINGS!!!  from Jerrick's Fine Jewelry ---  HELLO HUSBANDS take note!!!
Small Quilt --- We also have a several other handmade quilts that will be at the auction.
STRIDER Bike -- allows your youngster to ride a bike without training wheels.  The actual color at the auction will vary.  $100 value
Round Rocks Fly Fishing shirts and sweatshirts
iFrogz headphones and speaker boost!  Great for teens!

Other Items:
Logan Landscape Products - 1 yard of any product
Cache Honda Yamaha - Rental Snowmobile w/Trailer!  
Cache Valley Fun Park passes: Gutter, Laser tag, Soft play, Roller
Firestone Oil Changes
Wall Words - Vinyl words sane of your choice
Joe's Bike Repair - Bicycle Tune Up
Cinefour - Movie Tickets
Firehouse Pizza Gift Cards
University Inn -- One night stay in SUITE!
LaGrand Johnson - 1 Load of gravel - DELIVERED
2 - $50 gift cards to Garden Gateway
Skating passes to Eccles Ice Rink
Birch Creek Golf Course - 9 holes
Nyla's - Car Wash
Spider vein removal treatment - Dr. Grover ($200-300 value)
Tan bound carpet with backing - 9x12
3 layer Wedding Cake
Family Pictures from two local photographers - sample of their work will be at the auction
Scentsy Gift Bags
Various Crafts, Decorations and Jewelry

The following vendors will also be present.  % of proceeds will be donated to Jake!
Pampered Chef
Poparazzi Jewelry

There is something for everyone!  
 In order for the auction to be a success, its essential that people show up!  Please bring your friends and family.  
We are receiving new donations every day!  
Thanks to everyone who have donated and those who have been working diligently the past months in making this event a success.

Hope to see you there! 

JAKE know that you are loved!

Prosthetic Complication.....

Saturday - October 13, 2012 - On Thursday we were scheduled to go get measure for his prosthetic.  The night before Jake told me his leg was probably infected again just on the other side this time.  Ugggg... I just wanted to cry. Just when he was getting so close to getting his prosthetic.   I called and talked to Dr. Scott's office and Dr. Scott can't see Jake until Tuesday October 16th.   In the meantime, we are treating it with half water half peroxide treatment.  He is also scheduled for his next infusion on Tuesday but will it likely be postponed until we can get his leg taken care of.   Dr. Scott will most likely debreve it.  He will take Jake into surgery and cut out the infected tissue and then stitch it back up.  After the first debrevement Dr Scott didn't want Jake to have chemo for two weeks.

Friday, October 12, 2012


STAY TUNED..............
Fabulous Auction Items will be posted soon! 
Please come and support a great cause!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

NEXT Planning Meeting

 The next fundraiser planning meeting is being held Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 for anyone who would like to come and support Jake and the Griggs Family.

                               Date:            October 3, 2012  -Wednesday
                               Time:            5:30pm
                               Location:      Elk Ridge Park Pavilion 
                                                 1100 E 2500 N ~ North Logan

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Infusion begins once again...

Thursday - September 27, 2012Jake and I are back at primary's for the new chemo infusion.  It is called Etoposide. This one can cause leukemia.  It has the same side affects as the other one he has had. The other chemo is Ifosfamide. It also can increase the chances for leukemia and lymphoma and thyroid cancer.   It makes me nervous but the risk of his osteosarcoma coming back somewhere else out weights the other cancer.  So we press forward with faith that Heavenly Father will watch over Jake.

We went to Dr. Scott's on Tuesday the 25th and had Jakes stitches removed and received the go ahead to get an appointment with the prosthetic's.  This is very exciting for Jake as he is sick of walking with crutches and the wheel chair.  After the appointment with Dr. Scott we left for primary children's.  

He had his first infusion on Tuesday at midnight. They gave him lots of nausea meds so he pretty much slept through the night and the next day.   Last night they gave him the next infusion at 11:30 it went pretty much like the night before.  However today the 27th,  he is sitting up with his nausea pretty much in control waiting to get his next chemo infusion.  The Drs will push the infusion forward 2 hours because he is tolerating the infusion with anti-meds controlling the nausea.  Hopefully this won't cause his nausea to get worse.  If they can push it forward for the next 3 infusions we will be able to leave a few hours earlier.  

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kindness shown to our family.   The kindness has touched our hearts and lifted our spirits.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Silent Auction and Dinner 

 SATURDAY - October 20, 2012


Smithfield Lion's Lodge
102 N 380 E
Smithfield, UT 84335

We are seeking help with obtaining donations for the auction.
 Jake's profile sheet (to give to potential donors or vendors) is available to
 download on the top right column.

We are also seeking volunteers to help with the evening.

Donations must be NEW or for a particular SERVICE.  Please no used items.
Please call or text Katie @ (435) 881-8821 or Keri @ (435) 770-8893
to drop off donations, volunteer or for more information.

If you would like to donate, but cannot attend this fundraiser, an account has been set up at American First Credit Union under the name of "Jake Griggs Charitable Account."

Please pass along the word to family and friends!!