Monday, February 25, 2013

Jake and the BYU Basketball Team!

Jake was gifted a chance to meet the BYU basketball team for Christmas.  We were able to schedule the day for Jan the 14th.   We arrived at the Marriott Center at 3:30pm.  Our contact Cody, lead us to the bottom floor where we were taken to some chairs just off the sidelines.  The team was so nice. During our stay as the team came off the get drinks or to rest they would come by and shake Jake's hand and introduce themselves to Jake and Kristain and Britton.  I know that Jake felt pretty cool.  They all took a special interest in him.  At the end of practice they took pictures with him and signed his basketball.  Brandon Davies pushed Jake in his wheel chair as Tyler Hawes led them in a tour of the new locker room and game room.  The were so very nice to us all.  I know this we have a lasting impression on Jake for a long time! 

Brandon Davies and Tyler Hawes with Jake
Here is another picture of Jake with Brandon and Tyler with Kristain and Britton

The man on the right leaning on the wall is Cody. He set this all up for Jake.

Brandon pushing Jake in his wheel chair on the tour.  Notice how much he has to bend over to push Jake. He was such a nice guy!!

Tyler signing Jakes Basketball

Here is Jake's basketball signed by the whole team.  They all were so incredibly nice!

We all had such a great time meeting the BYU players.  
      It was a really good experience for Jake.  It lifted his spirits! 

                            Thank you to Jake secret gifter! 

                      You have no idea what you've done!!