Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ok'd for Prosthetic!!

November 20, 2012 Tuesday - We are back at Primary's. We came down Tuesday the 13th of November and Jake has terrible mouth sores.  They ended up sending us home with a plan to come back early Monday the 19th and hook him up to an IV as to hydrate him so we could start chemo early to have us home for Thanksgiving. We left home at 6:45am on Monday the 19th and arrived at primary's at 8:45 am. They had him hooked up to their IV by 9:30am, but some where between the 13th and the 19th the plan to get us home on Wednesday fell through and everything went out the door. We were here for 7 hours before they started chemo. He is getting doxorubicin which is two 24 hour infusions and Ifosfamide which is a 3 day infusion for 4 hours each day. He is feeling extremely nauseated and has slept pretty much since we started. After the Ifosfamide he has another med they give him which helps the Ifosfamide leave his system quickly as not to cause as much damage to the kidneys. That infusion is given for 10 hours after the last doses each day.  He won't be done until Wednesday night. We both are anxious to come home!

As far as the prosthetic's go, the last visit with Dr. Scott, which was on the 15th of November he clear Jake to be measured for his prosthetic. So his appointment with Hanger Prosthetics is November 29th.  Hopefully he will get his prosthetic soon as he is sick of using the crutches.

We are very excited about this!