Friday, September 7, 2012

A few pictures that are keepsakes

This is a fruit bouquet that I got the night before Jake went to surgery from Lorraine Nielson (my Relief Society President).  It was so yummy but it was really to hard to break it apart because it was so pretty.  We loved it!!!

The Priest (from Jake's ward) were going on high adventure and decided to take the long way around to Idaho through Salt Lake City (90 minutes out of the way!) to see Jake.  These are some of the most amazing Young Men around.  Love their smiles.  I couldn't get the Bishop to look at the camera though ;)  Paul Funk said this was the highlight of the high adventure.  I know that it was for sure a highlight for Jake!  As Jake's Mom, I am indebted to these young men.

This is a picture of the Priests when they went into Jake's room.  I asked them to give me a silly pose and this is what I got. :)  This is post surgery.

Kenna, Jakes sister, just chillin, waiting for Jake to come to his room

Grandma Griggs waiting for Jake to come in after surgery.

Grandpa Griggs waiting for Jake to come in after surgery.


  1. They are so silly, but really are amazing!I hope things are getting better now!

  2. Love all those pictures! Those are some pretty incredible boys in our ward. Glad they took the long way to Idaho :o)