Saturday, June 9, 2012

Great Community Support for Jake!!

Today was the garage sale fundraiser for Jake!!  A lot of work and effort went into putting this all together including social media advertising, flyers, and many donations from people and local businesses in the community.  Donations were still coming in the morning of the garage sale.  Pretty awesome!!!

                                    Many volunteers came to support Jake and his family.
..................even with the set up!!
Jake's cousin, sister McKenna and brother Britton made a special appearance and came to support the event!

McKenzie, Landon and Katie have been working as a team (with many others!) to plan and develop various fundraising events for Jake.
A very fitting garage sale item!!  Could not pass up this photo opportunity.
One of a kind t-shirts made to show their support for Jake!
Mrs. Utah, Juliet Tietjen, showed up for the event.
Mrs. Utah joined in with others beauticians that were onsite to shave heads in support of Jake.
A GREAT end result!!

Thanks to everyone for their support and love!!!!

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  1. What a great blog Leisa. Our prayers are with your son and your family.