Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nausea Medication Change

Saturday June 16, 2012 - Jake stayed in bed extremely nauseated until Friday around 4pm and tried sitting up for a while that lasted for an hour and then was back in bed nauseated again.  Dr. Wright came in to see him on Friday around 6pm to talk about nausea medications.  The Nurse Practitioner, Dana, and I tried to go over some other nausea med options that might help him so maybe there wasn't so much throwing up.  They changed Zofran to Kitro.  I think that was the name of it anyway.  He takes so many medications for different things and they keep adding some to the mix to help with other stuff so its hard to keep up on all of them.  Anyway,  it seemed to do the trick as he was able to get up on Saturday morning and sit up for a while.  He still didn't eat anything until around 6pm.  He was nervous that he would not be able to keep it down.   He has done pretty well so far.  He is back in bed resting now.  His methotrexate levels are too high to be able to come home on Sunday but praying for Monday!  We are both ready to be home.  The chair/bed is not getting any more comfortable.  Jake offered to trade me for one night. He said that he wanted to give the "bed" a shot. 

As long as Jake doesn't get sick after this treatment we will come back on Thursday for another infusion of Methotrexate.   However they will order a CT and MRI to see if the chemo is affecting the nodule in the lung. 

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  1. What a sweet boy to offer his bed to you! I'm glad that you were able to come home sooner than you expected.