Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lung Nodule is Gone!!!!

Tuesday July 3, 2012 - We go to see Dr. Scott on the 5th and go back for methotrexate on the 9th of July.  Jake has been so sick.  We got home on June 28th and from then till now Jake has had mouth and throat sores.  He has hardly eaten anything.  He has been very weak that he has hardly moved from not eating.  Today he got Britton up to come wake me up to help him with some pain killers so we could get him some food.  That was 3:30 this morning.    (sigh)  poor kid!  he has sevier stomach cramps from not eating but when he does eat he get extreme nausea.

Monday I took him to go and get a MRI and CT.  We got there at 1pm and we didn't leave until 3:30.  wow that was painful waiting!!! We thought we would have to wait till Thursday when we see Dr. Scott to update us on the scans. However at this morning (which is Tuesday) Dr. Wright his Hemotoloist/oncologist called us and told us that the Chemo is working and the lung nodule is gone!!!!!!  and that the tumor on the ankle went from 11cm to 8cm.  Oh that made our day!  She did say that it wouldn't change the outcome of the surgery which is scheduled for the 25th of July. 

So grateful for all the prayers and fasting and the faith in Jakes behalf!  This is a testimony that prayers are answered.  Not always in the way we want but in the way our Heavenly Father see's fit. For what ever reason the amputation has to happen, this is a refining time for our family.  I hope that we learn!!  =)  They say that each trial is a building block for the next one.......ummmm anyone know how to dig a hole?!?! anyone want to hide with me ;)


  1. AMAZING!!! This is the best news in a long time!! I am so happy that the chemo is working and the Nodule is GONE!! The news is going to continue to get better just watch!

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  3. We are the Nye Family in Hyde Park (Jacob is Jake's friend from Sky View). So glad the lung nodule is gone! Our thoughts and prayers are with Jake and your family.