Monday, July 23, 2012

An Everyday Hero

I frequent a basketball site about the jazz. While there I have made great friends. Many of them have offered up prayers and well wishes for Jake and his recovery. One of my friends is an athletic supporter for the Kentucky wildcats and works closely with the basketball program. When Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the #2 pick in the past NBA draft, heard about Jake he wanted to help. He is still trying to come and visit but in the meantime he went out of his way to sign, to Jake, one of the Kentucky wildcats national championship balls and send it to him.
Everyday heroes can be found in a lot of place but a 19 year old kid who is about to become a multi-millionaire, Takes the time to recognize another young kid who is struggling and do what he can to help is an everyday hero. No matter what happens to Michael's career we will always be fans. Thank you from the Griggs family and we will always cherish your kindness.

Also Jake said that that was the coolest thing anyone had ever done for him.

--- Written by Aaron Griggs, Jake's Father 

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