Monday, July 9, 2012

Last round of Methotrexate

Monday July 9, 2012 - We are at Primary's again.  One more round of methotrexate before surgery.  Everything is set for the surgery on July 25th.  Right now Jake is resting he always gets nauseated before the chemo starts.  The Dr's are starting his anti nausea medications. 

Eric Merkley and his Mom Kris stopped in to see us.  It is always fun visiting with them!  They gave Jake some pointers to help with the sores in the mouth.  He told us about his fantastic journey down the green river.  It really nice to get answers to questions from people who have been here.  Such great people!  

Hopefully we will be home Thursday.  

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  1. Hi, My name is Chela Masters, I'm Aaron's cousin. I haven't seen Aaron in years, have never met his wife Leisa let alone Jake or any of the other kids. That I truly regret. But I heard through FB that Jake was being treated for osteosarcoma. I'm a pediatric nurse so I know what's happening to Jake. My heart is with him and many prayers have been said within my family.
    Today I found his blog and was knocked over. Jake is only 3 weeks older than my son. All of the sudden it became real. Jake is so like Preston (yes, named after grandpa). He loves playing basketball, football with friends, blond, good looking, 2nd cousins.
    My prayers will double, become more fervent as I pray for him and his family. I'll follow this blog more closely now. Bless you for making it and allowing me to follow.