Friday, May 4, 2012

3rd Round of Methotexate

Friday May 4, 2012 - We arrived at PCH yesterday at 10:00 in the clinic (that is Dr. Wright's office) they wanted to make sure he was healthy enough to continue on with the Methotexate.  After what seemed like a long time the time the Dr's agreed that they didn't want to hold off the chemo another week.  The port site hadn't closed much but it is important to keep the process going.  So they would have the wound team keep an eye on the port and we would start the chemo. 

      As he was sitting on the bed waiting I could see the look of anticipation in his eyes and hear it in the deep sighs as he looked longingly out the window.  I could only imagine what was going on inside him as he struggles with this on going battle,  wanting to play some ball and of all things he said to me yesterday as we saw someone jogging down the street,  "Mom I wish I could run".  (and he has never enjoyed running).  It is hard to watch knowing that he can't enjoy the things that a teenage boy should be able to enjoy.

   When they finally hooked him up to all the iv's and got the fluids pumping it was 1:30pm and it took until 1:30 am to start the Methotrexate.  They have to make sure that his kidneys are full and working so the chemo exit's the kidneys as fast as it comes in.  He also has to have a medicine in the iv that will ph balance the body levels as to cause less damage to the kidneys and bladder.   So the morning comes and now it is the waiting game.  He can't leave until the Methotexate is less than .01.  Hoping and praying for it to leave quickly!!


  1. Hello Jake and Family. I can relate to what you are going through. My son was also 17 when diagnoised with osteosarcoma. I feel your hurt and if there is antyhing we can do to help, we would love to. I know you don't know us. We live in Elk Ridge, which is east of Payson. Eric finished his treatments on Sept 30 and has just received his 6 month clean bill of health. You are in great hands. My email is Eric's blog (you will learn probably more than you would want to about us there... :) is We will keep Jake in our prayer and your family.

    1. Kris, I check out your blog. What an amazing and inspiring story of your family and of your son Eric. The story seems to mirror Jake's fairly closely, although Jake is in the beginning stages of treatment. I am a family friend of Jake's...I have passed on your blog to his Mother, Leisa. I know she will be inspired by your words. Thank you for tracking this site down...I've added Eric's story as a link to this blog. Best wishes to Eric on his mission (I currently have son serving in The Netherlands -- nothing blesses a family more!) God Bless!

  2. Leisa,

    I just found out about the blog. Jake is such a handsome boy! This cancer stuff is the pits! We're praying for you and your family. I'll check back for updates.

    Cami :)