Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The BEST GIFT - Home for Mother's Day!!

Wednesday May 9, 2012 - We are home!  I have such great news, the doctor that has been over Jake's care, talked Jake's doctor into letting us have this week off and returning next Thursday!!!!! He thought it would be better for Jake to rest and get better for the next round and give his port wound more time to heal.   Both Jake and I agreed ;).  So yeah!!!! As it turns out it is Mother's Day on Sunday,  I had no idea it was even time for that yet.  I don't know if that was also a motivator to let us stay home this weekend but I am grateful that he let us.  Wow, you become so oblivious to time while you are in the hospital, days just run into nights until it is 2 months later. 

Jake is feeling better as far as the fevers go but the dreaded mouth sores are making their play once again.  He is feeling tired but very much wants to go to school a couple of days before it ends.  Maybe by Monday or Tuesday if his counts are still good.


  1. Welcome Home! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift this is. Hope he gets some needed rest and that the sores don't get so bad this time. Enjoy your time at home :o)

  2. That is definitely the best Mother's Day gift ever!