Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sunday April 22, 2012 - Jake has been so sick throwing up and nauseated. We thought he would get to go home today but with his blood work we just got back looks like we will be staying until tomorrow...hopefully. We are set to come back on Thursday for another round of this same Chemo~ Methotexate.

Friday April 20, 2012 - This medicine is putting him though the ringer. He has been throwing up this time, my strong young man that wouldn't ever let himself throw up. It is hard to watch. Brother Nielson came by yesterday with Lorraine. He gave Jake a blessing and said that this was going according to Heavenly Fathers plan. He would extend the knowledge of the Dr.s that they would do best for Jake's needs and that Jake would preach the gospel and touch others. It was really amazing.

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