Friday, April 27, 2012

Mouth Sores and Dehydration...

Friday April 27, 2012 - Jake has been struggling with horrible mouth and throat sores for the last two days. A lot of the sores are about an inch long and others are small pebble sized cankers sores all on the inside of his mouth and throat. Needless to say he's struggling talking and swallowing. When we got here they were doing his assessment before they start the fluids and they had the Dr. come in and look at his mouth and couldn't believe that we hadn't taken him to the hospital. He was severely dehydrated and she couldn't believe how many sores he had in his mouth and then to top it off they got looking at his port and it was infected. So..... change of plans. He went into surgery last night to have the port removed and he is getting iv antibiotics and they are trying to hydrate him. He will get a picc line tomorrow so maybe we can come home on iv therapy by Sunday and then if the sores are better we will come down next Thursday for the new port placement and the Methotrexate. I am hoping and praying that his sores get better by Sunday or we won't be coming home till he can eat and drink. He woke up this morning and the sores in his throat and mouth had gotten worse. (sigh). I feel so bad he has been so miserable. Wednesday night he went to bed with severe stomach cramps from lack of eating.

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